Student Survey

Taking an online class can be very exciting. You learn via the latest technologies.You'll be engaged by sounds, graphics, and a host of interactive activities. You should know, however, that you only get as much out of an online class as you put into it. To make sure you are ready, ask yourself the following questions:

  BlackBoard Student Survey

  1 Are you, if necessary, willing to put more time into an online course than   
  a traditional face-to face course?  
  2 Do you have the ability to manage your time well?   
  3 Can you work independently and stay motivated?   
  4 Do you participate actively in group work and discussion?   
  5 Are you able to express your thoughts clearly via written communication?   
  6 Do you have computer access to the Internet at home, or at work?   
  7 Do you know how to navigate with at least one of the following browsers:  
  Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari?   
  8 Can you search and find information on the Web?   
  9  Are you comfortable using email, including attaching and downloading files?   
  10 Have you used your City Tech email account?   


If you scored 9 or 10, you are ready to take an online course.
If you scored 8 or lower, you probably need more preparation.
Please talk to your professor or advisor before taking an online course.