Blackboard Login

To Login to Blackboard there are two methods:

1. From the school's Homepage (
click on
City Tech Online
Courses >>
CourseInfo Courses.

2. Or type in the Browser (Address area on IE, Location on Netscape) to get to your courses.

3. Click the Login button.

This is the Login screen. When you type in your User Name and Password, then click the Login button, you will access your courses.


Most students will use the User Name and Password as described in the box to the right unless their instructor tells them otherwise.

User Name = First initial of first name + First initial of last name + last four digits of the social security number

Password = Date of birth (full four-digit year, two-digit month, two-digit date)

Example: Name: Bill Gomez
Social security number: 123-45-6789

Born: 6/20/1975

User Name = bg6789
= 19750620

After you Login, you come to a page with your courses. You can access all of your courses from the My Courses area. Just click on the name of the course you wish to enter.

You can also view all of the announcements, tasks, or calendar events posted by your instructors in the My Announcements, My Calendar, and My Tasks areas. Next to the name of the calendar event is the name of the course the event is from.

On the left you will see a box called Tools. The Calendar, Tasks and Address Book in the Tools panel are for your personal use.

From the Tools area, you can also check your grades and send E-mail to others enrolled in your courses. Users of the BlackBoard system are listed here if they include their profile under Personal Information. The Address Book is a personal address book.

To add a personal event to your calendar, click on Calendar and then click Add Event.
Events may be added through the Add Calendar Event page. Click Add Event from the Calendar page.
Enter the title of the event, a brief description, and the date of the event.

The Quick Jump page allows you to quickly view a portion of the calendar. Quick Jump is useful when looking for events planned for months in advance of the current date.
Click the first down arrow to select a month. Click the next down arrow to select a day and click the last down arrow to select a year. Or click the icon to select a date from the calendar. The date will appear on My Calendar.

The Tasks page organizes projects, defines task priority, and tracks task status. You can create tasks and post them to your Tasks page.
Click Tasks from the Tools box on the My Institution area to access the Tasks page. The Tasks page will appear as shown.

Click Add Task to enter a task. Give it a brief description, set the date, and enter the priority of the task.


You should check to see that your
E-mail address is correctly listed in Blackboard from the Tools area. Click on Personal Information to check your E-mail address.


Click Edit Personal Information.


Change your E-mail address if it is incorrect. Be sure to list the E-mail address that you use most frequently. Then click Submit.


Note: You do not need to change any other information on the page.

To Logout, you must click the Logout button. After you have done that, you must close all your browsers to be completely logged out of Blackboard.

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