• Indestructibility for Ramsey-like Cardinals
    I am starting to explore indestructibility for Ramsey-like cardinals introduced recently by Victoria Gitman. Ramsey-like cardinals imply existence of elementary embeddings sharing the iterability properties of the embeddings characterizing Ramsey cardinals. One of the main objectives of this project is to obtain indestructibility results for Ramsey cardinals themselves. Joint work with Victoria Gitman.

Thomas Johnstone, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of mathematics at New York City College of Technology. He spent the 2009/10 academic year on scholarly leave from CUNY in order to join the Kurt Gödel Research Center for Mathematical Logic (KGRC) as a visiting researcher. His work on set theory, a branch of mathematical logic that investigates the infinite, has appeared in the Journal of Symbolic Logic, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, and Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic. He has attended numerous set theoretic and logic conferences and given invited talks at, among others, the Kurt Gödel Research Center, Vienna, Austria, the Seminari de Lňgica de Barcelona, University of Barcelona, Séminaire de théorie des ensembles, Université Paris and the Set Theory Seminar at the Graduate Center in New York. He is a graduate of Vienna Univeristy of Technology and The Graduate Center in New York, where he completed his dissertation under the direction of Joel David Hamkins., Ph.D. Johnstone now lives in New York City and High Falls, New York.