Industrial Revolution Links:

Map: The First Industrial Nation

Map: The Industrial Revolution

Graph: The Rise of the Railroad

Factory Rules in Berlin (1844)

Image: Combined image of Beer Street and Gin Lane, William Hogarth, 1751

The Industrial Revolution

My thesis: First appearing in Britain, innovation in machines contributed to rapid industrialization and urbanization in the West during the 19th century.  Industrialization transformed work, life, and family bringing both material progress and social conflict.

  1. Why Great Britain first?
    1. Political Stability
    2. Colonial Empire (map 1815) (map 1890) 
    3. Waterways & Harbors
    4. Abundant coal and iron
    5. Banks and capital for investment
    6. Unskilled labor poor & talented artisans
  2. Technology and Industrialization
    1. Innovations in the Textile Industry
      1. Spinning Jenny
      2. Water Frame
      3. Cotton Gin
    2. Coal and Iron
    3. James Watt and the Steam Engine
    4. Rise of the Railroad
      1. Symbol of the New Era
      2. Spurred Industrialism
  3. Spread of Industrialism
    1. Increased State Investment
    2. New Industrial Processes after 1850
      1. Transatlantic Cable and Telephone
      2. Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
      3. Birth of the Oil Industry
    3. Industry and Empire
  4. Social Consequences of Industrialization
    1. Life on the Land the Peasantry
    2. Urbanization
      1. Population growth of major cities
      2. Overcrowding, crime and poverty
    3. Environmental Degradation
      1. Pollution
      2. Disease
  5. Social Changes
    1. Rising Middle Class
      1. Gender and the Cult of Domesticity
      2. Middle-Class and Public Life
    2. The Growth of the Industrial Working Class
      1. Who were the workers in the 1820s?
        1. Children of farmers who did not inherit land
        2. Soldiers demobilized after the Napoleonic Wars
        3. Artisans displaced by new machinery
      2. Conditions of Work
      3. Working Women in the Industrial Landscape
      4. "Class" Consciousness