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About me

I am an Associate Professor at NYC College of Technology (City Tech), a comprehensive college of the City University of New York. I joined the Mathematics Department in 2009. Prior to that, I held positions at Credit Suisse Securities as a fixed income research associate in the Global Modeling and Analytics Group, in London and New York. Before obtaining a Master in Finance from Princeton University, I was an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Mathematics at UCLA, after obtaining my PhD in mathematics from UCLA in 2005.

My dedication to teaching was rewarded by receiving the prestigious Robert Sorgenfrey Distinguished Teaching Award from UCLA, awarded by Professor Robert E. Greene. I have a strong commitment to undergraduate student research and I have been a faculty adviser to more than 50 students, who have given presentations at local, regional and national conferences.

I am interested in real-world applications of mathematics as well as developing innovative teaching materials, using modern computational and visualization technology for creating dynamic documents using R, Python and Markdown.

I am always looking for ways to understand, present and explain advanced mathematical concepts and phenomena through interactive visualizations, animations and computer simulations that build intuition and conceptual understanding, for both teaching and research.

Research Interests

Computational Thinking and Data Science in STEM Education, at any level, starting in K-12. Creating interactive visualizations in mathematics and physics, as well as for mathematical games and art.