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Annual Giglio Feast
Organized by: Lady of Mount Carmel Church
275 North 8th St.
Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 384-0223
Pastor: Father Fonti

Since 1903, the Giglio Feast has been a part of Brooklyn's culture. Early immigrants from Nolan, Italy wanted to preserve some of their culture and pay homage to their San Paulino, and started to celebrate The Giglio Feast every year. In 2002, the Church will be celebrated the 115th Giglio Feast from July 3rd to 16th. Some of the activities included the Rising of the Giglio, the Giglio dance, the boat dance, candlelight procession, singing of the Giglio song, rides, bazaar and so forth. It is a highly awaited event by all Italians and depicts the Italian culture and customs in New York City.
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Bensonhurst Neighborhood
18th Ave. and Critoforo Colombo Blvd.

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Bensonhurst is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Brooklyn. The Dutch first migrated and settled here in 1661. Over the years, the neighborhood evolved as new people settled and new businesses were established. Today, this neighborhood looks like a small town of Italy. Many consider Bensonhurst to be the "true little Italy".
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Centro Del Corredo
71-09, 18th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 331-1578
Owner: Sandra Dalmazio

Centro Del Corredo is a Dalmazio family operation. It is located on 18th Ave. not far from the main store. This store is filled with beautiful colors and fabulous prints as they carry fine Italian fabrics. All of course, imported from Italy. This is a favorite store of young brides-to-be who are always in search of fine fabrics with handmade embroideries to be included in their dowry.
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Chianti Ristorante Italiano
8530 3rd Ave.
Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 921-6300

Chianti is the perfect restaurant for falsies who like to eat well and not pay a huge price. Unlike other restaurants where individual portions are served, Chianti is famous for serving food in family size platters and bowls, much like the way most people eat at home. Creativity and innovation is apparent in all the food they serve to their guests.
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Cucina Restaurant
256 Fifth Ave.
Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 230-0711

According to Crain's New York Business: "It is remarkably good at everything. The best reason to visit Brooklyn since the Dodgers left town."Critics are praising all aspects of this restaurant, from the carefully prepared food to the pleasing ambiance and friendly service, Cucina has it all. If you're interested in indulging yourself in fine Italian cuisine and beautiful surroundings, Cucina Restaurant is the perfect place to visit.
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