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Assignments, Thursday evening Nov 15th

CST4800 - finish off the project Variance Report with pie chart. Due same evening

CST4801 - Describe what the typical employee has to do to get promotion. Consider psychological, social, and all practical issues. Give examples. Also explain what an employee should not do. For an extra credit point discuss why, even if your recomendations are executed, an employee still does not get the promotion, and what the employee can do about it. Due same evening


Attendance and Grades fall 2007

Attendance and Grades Spring 2007

Attendance and Grades Fall 2006

Attendance and Grades Spring 2006

Attendance and Grades Fall 2005

0. Holley is very picky about every detail
1. All homework/projects to be submitted via email in email, as a link, or as an attachment
2. Emails must have subject such as cs800-hx-lastname. If not exact, student will be notified and email deleted and student get zero after 1 mistake
3. Must be recieved within 1 week to get a grade, or else zero. Maybe exception if you send email within time explaining
4. My email:
5. My phone: 718-260-5166
6: My room: N1025
7: My Office hours: 8 am to 9:45 am, Tuesday and Friday. Noon to 1 pm Thursday. And/or best to phone or email for appointment


In general choose the "Open" option for the Excel spreadsheets. You will need Excel on your computer to view the spreadsheet. Use the tab at the bottom of the spread sheet to view your particular class. Go to the right of the spreadsheet to see you cumulative grade. You may need to "Unhide" columns to see individual grades.

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