I'm an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the New York City College of Technology, one of the senior constituent colleges of CUNY, the City University of New York. I obtained my doctorate at the University of Oxford, under the supervision of Peter M. Neumann, and my undergraduate degree at Imperial College London.

My research lies in the intersection of group theory and combinatorics. I'm particularly interested in permutation groups (both infinite and finite) and some of the structures upon which they act: graphs, digraphs and surfaces. Of particular interest to me is the structure of infinite primitive permutation groups which act on countably infinite sets. A list of my publications can be found on this website.

My academic family tree can be found in the Mathematics Genealogy Project.

For four years immediately after my doctorate I worked first as a mathematician (called a "quant"), and then as a derivatives trader, at a major European investment bank. While there I conducted original research into the mathematical modeling of interest rate derivatives, stochastic calculus and perturbation methods. I would like to reassure readers that I did not cause the Credit Crunch.