Foundations in Graphic Communications: Checking Color Proofs

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Foundations In Graphic Communications
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• Industry standard PDL (page description language)

• Device-independent (a.k.a. resolution-independent)

• Files to be saved as PostScript must include all fonts and graphics (but frequently don't)

• Neither editable or page independent (corrections must be made in "native" application, then entire file must be re-RIPped)

• Different applications generate PostScript code in different ways

• RIP A may process PostScript differently from RIP B

• Can't display documents for on-screen viewing

PDF (Portable Document Format)

• PDF files can be created, viewed, and edited by anyone, anywhere with Adobe Acrobat software

• No more worries about missing fonts or graphics

• Converting PostScript to PDF "normalizes" the PostScript code, making it consistent and predictable

• PDF files are editable (up to a point) without re-RIPping

• PDF files are page-independent--individual pages can be processed on multiple RIPs that support PDF input

• PDF files are "repurposable" for print, CD-ROM, the Web, etc.; "the pages always look the same"

• a subset of PDF called PDF/X-1a is emerging as the preferred file format for print publications

• PDF is a still-evolving specification; problems with fonts, color, etc. can occur in files that have been incorrectly converted to PDF; file creators (customers) must be taught how to use the format properly

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