Foundations in Graphic Communications: Checking Color Proofs

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Foundations in Graphic Communications
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"Interactive Color" is a hypermedia guide to color in computer graphics and printing. It gives a simple but extremely informative overview of basic color theory and is highly recommended to all students of graphic communication technology. It is designed to be viewed in a nonsequential fashion, allowing the user to maneuver freely between pages and chapters.

Filled with interactive illustrations and text, it invites the user to change the color illustrations with the color palettes provided. These interactive color palettes provide more variations and color combinations than a publisher could fit in one book. Rather than one static illustration of a color effect, the user can view the effect with a dozen colors or more. Additionally, interactive pages include optical illusions of color effects that are similar to color games or puzzles.

You may download it free of charge from the San Diego Supercomputer Center. It was developed with support from the National Science Foundation and the State of California. (Note: "Interactive Color" is available only for Mac OS and runs in the Mac Classic Environment.)

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