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Foundations In Graphic Communications
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"There are now (hundreds of) so-called recycled papers available...Many of the recycled papers now on the market have a recycled content supplied primarily or solely by paper mill trimming and converting wastes...Currently, there is no binding national standard to define recycled papers for the marketplace."

Adding to the confusion is the fact that use of the chasing-arrow recycling logo "is not controlled because it is not copyrighted. Consumers (seeing the logo) believe that 'recycled paper' contains post- consumer materials, but...that might not be the case...there is no way to be certain that the paper you have purchased contains recycled fibers because there is no scientific test to prove content."

Why does the publishing industry seem so resistant to recycled papers when the need and opportunity to use them are so great?

"Recycled coated papers cost from six to eight percent more than their virgin paper counterparts."

"One of the barriers to more extensive production is that recycleds can sell at as much as a 10 percent premium over virgin paper, and as long as it stays that way, demand is not likely to pick up greatly."

"Another impediment to increased production of recycled, high-grade P-W (printing and writing) paper is the dearth of U.S. de-inking facilities already capacity remains a problem...'The vast majority of this de-inked pulp is going into markets such as tissue and towel and uncoated wood-free papers...even if it were all being used for publication-grade paper, there is not enough for everybody to switch at this point."

"Some remain skeptical of the industry's ability to follow through with costly de-inking
expansions...because, they say, only paper mills with very deep pockets can afford such systems."

aterial that should count toward 'recycled' content."

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