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Print Technology for Publishing
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Reading Devices

• Dedicated e-book reading devices range in price from $150 to $600. Devices include the RCA REB series (formerly the Rocket eBook) and the Hiebook reader (also an MP3 player).

• To obtain content from digital publishing companies, these devices can connect directly to the Internet with built-in modems; or they can be attached to computers with connections to the Internet.

• e-book titles also can be read on:

1. Desktop and laptop computers, using HTML, PDF, or text-display technologies such as Microsoft's ClearType.

2. PDAs (personal digital assistants): Palm, Handspring, Clie, etc.

3. "Tablet" (pen-entry) computers: Compaq TabletPC, Sharp Copernicus

4. "Webpad" wireless Internet appliances: Honeywell WebPAD, RSC WebPAL

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