Foundations in Graphic Communications: Checking Color Proofs

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Foundations in Graphic Communications
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• CTP = digital automation of the prepress process

• skips traditional image-to-film-to-plate workflow by going directly from digital image creation to platemaking

• significant potential for cost savings: no more consumable film, light tables, rubylith, goldenrod, etc.; no more strippers!

• CTP platesetters do the RIPping and plate imaging

• CTP platesetters are 2-, 4-, and 8-up devices that use metal plates with silver- halide, photopolymer, or thermally activated imaging properties

• most CTP plates require photochemical processing after exposure; a few are "processless"

• there's also "CTP on the desktop" from paper and polyester plates imaged with toner in standard desktop laser printers (for small-format, short-run work only)

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