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Foundations in Graphic Communications
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(Source: Merit, Don. Production Management in the Graphic Arts. Copyright © 1995, Don Merit)

• Are all of the pages there, and in the correct sequence?

• Do headers, footers, and folios line up?

• Do borders and rules that cross over pages align properly?

• Are there typographical errors in the headlines or callouts?

• Are all elements in correct register?

• Have live image areas been masked over or trimmed out?

• Are photos correctly placed, scaled, and cropped? Have any been flopped?

• Is the trim size correct? Is the folding correct?

• Is each element in the right color? Is the color vivid and rich?

• Have critical color areas been accurately matched?

• Are there blemishes, spots, or broken letters?

• Have all corrections from the previous proof been made, and made correctly?

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