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"Case" binding:

• creates hardbound books (a.k.a. hardcover, "hardback")

• "casing in" makes the hard cover project beyond the edge of the pages

• either glued or sewn book blocks may be used

• book blocks must first be "rounded" to give the book block a convex (i.e. protruding) binding edge

• next, the blocks have to be "backed" by flaring the binding edges of the signatures outward; this makes the bind more flexible

• endpapers, a binding strip, a gauze layer known as the "crash," and decorative headbands are then applied to the book block, which is fastened to the cover with glue

Case binding is done in three ways:

• edition binding (automated process for long runs)

• job binding (for short runs requiring specialty hand work)

• library binding (high-durability method for books in public and university libraries)

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