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Foundations in Graphic Communications
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Adhesive, a.k.a. "perfect" binding:

• uses adhesive (glue) to form signatures into "book blocks"

• can bind books (as well as magazines and catalogs) up to 2" thick

• produces books with soft covers and rectangular "backbones"

There are two ways to do it:

• book blocks (gathered signatures) are ground and roughened on one edge and glued to the cover spine (simplest, cheapest method)

• the edges of the signatures in a block are notched or perforated without roughening, enabling the glue to penetrate the block for better adhesion to the cover (a.k.a. "burst perfect" binding)

Thread sewing:

• signatures are sewn together into book blocks that can lie flat

• most widely used technique is called Smyth sewing

• sewing is stronger and more durable than gluing

• costly process; usually reserved for high-end items such as encyclopedias and Bibles


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