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Foundations in Graphic Communications
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  Book Manufacturing Techniques: Bindery Processes Compared  
Method Pros Cons
side-wire stiching cheap; simple; sturdy, OK for short run, on demand printing can't have spine copy; won't lie flat; loses inner margin
saddle-stitching cheap; fast; lies flat; best for selective binding and versioning tends to be less flexible for inserts than perfect binding; can't have spine copy
case binding de rigueur for hardbacks, strong and durable costly; not well suited to on demand production
perfect binding printable spine; inserts can be "tipped" (glued) into the folio at almost any position; perceived as "classier" format for magazines not as strong as stitched or sewn; glue complicates recycling
mechanical binding versitile, many variations (comb, spiral, Wire-O, etc. a specialty, can be expensive
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