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  BINDING/FINISHING (II): Off-Line And In-Line Binding And Finishing  

• Binding and finishing can take place off- line, i.e., in an area physically distant from the press (the bindery); or as in-line operations that are mechanically linked to the press run.

• Sheetfed work is B&F'd off-line, either in the printing plant's in-house bindery or at an outside location known as a trade bindery.

• Many web presses are equipped for in- line finishing , so that part of the work can be done at the press before the job goes to the bindery for final assembly.

• In-line web finishing could include:

--cutting the web into sheets

--cutting and folding the web into signatures by means of "former," "chopper," and "jaw" folders

--stacking or bundling the signatures for delivery to the bindery

--diecutting; embossing; scoring; perforation; application of scent strips and scratch-offs; spot gluing

• The downsides of in-line finishing include greater makeready time and running waste; slower press speeds.

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