Increased Attention to immigration by the Federal Government
  • By 1875, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that all immigration law should be uniform across the country
    • Federal Government began to create a bureaucracy to deal with immigration
      • Paid for by a "head tax" by immigrants entering the country
  • 1891 Law first to define conditions of potential immigrants. (quote)
    • LPC, "likely to become a public charge"
  • 1892 Federal Government opened its new facility at Ellis Island in New York
  • 1903 Immigration Act allowed restrictions on political grounds
  • 1917 Immigration Law
    • All adult immigrants would have to be literate
      • Immigrant could choose the language
    • Barred zones of immigration to limit Asian immigration to the Japanese and Filipino
  • 1924 Quota Act
    • Effectively ended large-scale Southern and Eastern European immigration
    • Created quotas based on "national origins"
    • Based on census of 1890
Marriage and Immigration
  • 1855 law, if a women marries an American citizen automatically became a citizen
  • 1907 Expatriation Act, if an American women married a non-citizen she lost her citizenship
  • 1922 Cable Act repealed 1907 Act except in the case of those married to "aliens ineligible for citizenship"