Andrew Parker


Dr. Parker is an Assistant Professor at the New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn, NY. His academic career began at the University of Kansas in 2000, where he studied commutative algebra with Satya Mandal and received his Ph.D. In 2006, he moved to New York City and began teaching at Bushwick Community High School while working on a M.S. degree in secondary education at St. John’s University. After three years of teaching high school mathematics, he returned to teaching at the collegiate level and began teaching courses for Baruch College, Borough of Manhattan Community College and now CityTech.

His extensive teaching experience as well as his background in computer science give Professor Parker a unique teaching style, integrating classic chalkboard fundamentals with dynamic visualizations via technological assistance. His current project revolves around the implementation of an online homework system and alternate online instructional material, designed to supplement in-class lectures; and his hope is that they will eventually replace our outdated reliance on cumbersome, expensive math textbooks.

Beyond being committed to transforming the landscape of mathematics education, Dr. Parker is active in researching projective modules through commutative algebraic methods, taking inspiration from obstruction theory, algebraic geometry and topology. He has been published in the Journal of Algebra and is currently working on extending the theory of the Euler Class Group as an obstruction to detecting the presence of unimodular elements in projective modules.


Ph.D. - Mathematics: University of Kansas (2006)

M.A. - Mathematics: University of Kansas (2003)

M.S. - Secondary Ed: St. John’s University (2008)

B.A. - Mathematics: Mid-America Univ. (2000)

B.A. - Computer Sci: Mid-America Univ. (2000)