The following program will read the data and calculate the pay for each employee.

Complete the program that


// header file emp.h


using namespace std;

struct Record


int id;

    string name;

char dept;

float hour;


void PrintRecord(Record x);

Record ReadRecord();

//end of hearder


// implementation file

#include “emp.h


void PrintRecord(Record x)


//you need to complete it




Record ReadRecord()


   Record x;

   // complete it


  return x;



// end of implementation


// driver program pay.cpp



int main()


    int num;

    float pay;

    Record emp;

    cout<< “Enter number of employee \n”;

    cin>> num;

     for( i = 0; i < num; i++)


        cout<< “enter info for one employee\n”;

        emp = ReadRecord();

        // write formula to calculate pay

       // print out the employee record and the pay



   return 0;