Dr. David Bruce Smith

Chair Entertainment Technology
Room 411 Voorhees
Sound Designer
Violin Machine Operator
MM, DMA, College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati

BM, Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA

I have developed orchestral enhancement and simulation instruments for use in the performing arts. These have been used in over twenty-thousand performances around the world. The software is called Sinfonia and marketed through Realtime Msuic Solutions, where I am a founding partner.

Some of my favorite implementations have occured with Cirque du Soleil. Here is an article (pdf) about the technology in their production of "Love."

Cirque du Soleil meets The Beatles in the psychedelic new spectacle called LOVE

I hold two patents in Music Performance Systems. #6,696,631
You can download a pdf of the document here

I recently retrofitted the music/sound design for Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park's annual production of "A Christmas Carol", which is now in its 16th year. I am moving from hardware based sampling technologies to completely software based solutions. In the sixteen years since the first production, the size of the sample space I can use has increased from 32 MByte to 300 GByte, or a change of 1000 times. Moore's law predicts a doubling every 18 months, so in 15 years, 2 to the 10th, or 1000 times, so this is right in keeping with his famous prediction.

I am also involved in research on musical time control systems with professor John Huntington. We are interested in being able to use musical time (meaasures beats and subdivisions of the beat), to control other live performance systems. Here is a pdf (on John's site) detailing a preliminary document.
Recently I have also become interested in immersive environments. It seems to me that as we move deeper into the 21st century, that the quality of these environments will only increase. Early adoptive systems are like the "Pong" of early video games. I am sure that, if we do not destroy our environment, this will be as transformative to our culture as the rise of the computer, the internet , or the wheel, for that matter.

May 2008

Half-million dollar of scholarships for program: Mayor's Office, Teamsters, and City Tech Partner to Offer Scholarships

An amazing grant opportunity for our department was given to us from the NYC Mayor's Film Commission. "A new joint venture between New York City College of Technology/CUNY (City Tech), Local 817 of the Teamsters Union and the Mayor's Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting is designed produce the high-tech workforce essential to the expansion of this important economic sector." For the complete press release, see here

May 2008


In a banner set of curriculum development, the college council simultaneously passed four separate proposals that will aid our department in its strategic plans for program growth. We created two new courses (ENT3140 - Topics and Perspectives in Emerging Technologies, ENT3240 - Interdisciplinary Team Project), two new certificate programs (Video Production and Interactive Media), an d converted an experimental course into a major new course (ADV2320 - Introduction to Video Production Design).

April 2008

Award Recipient: Kevin Kline award for Outstanding Sound Design: Dracula

My work on Draula (see below) garnered me thisaward. How nice! For more information see here.

March 2008

Violinist: Composer, Sound Designer: Iphegenia in Aulos

In a collaborative project with Entertainment Technology, Theatro Global, Brooklyn College Theatre Department, and Brooklyn College's Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) program, a modern adaptation of Euripides' masterpiece is performed in Voorhess Hall. I playes with the band Catal Hyuk on Zeta electric violin. Here is a review

November 2007

Panelist: Second Life CUNY IT Conference

With other members of teh CityTech Online Learning Advisory Council (OLAC), I am presenting a panel discussion and demonstration of uses of Second Life in the classroom

September - October 2007

Sound Design / Composition: DRACULA

In a co-produced production, I am designing and writing music fo ra production of Dracula. Performed at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, and then at St. Louis Repertory Theatre, this is a huge production, with special effecets, illusion, and a cinematic underscore. I use a combination of Digital Performer and Kontakt as the musical ensemble.


Second Life at City Tech

I have been becoming interested in virtual environments, and the implications of how these may change our culture. Second Life has been receiving a lot of press recently and for good reason. Although commercially owned, if this paradigm becomes more universally accepted, it will see a change in the way that we do our online business.

Citytech has purchased an Island for experimental purposes, which can be found at this SLURL

June 2007

Sound Design / Composition: IRMA VEP

In collaboration wiht the rest of the entertainment technology department, I designed sound and wrote music for the Urban Stages production of Irma Vep

8 December 2006


My new course will be offered in the Spring 2007 semester, and is now on SIMS. This is the proposed first course in a Music Technology track that will ultimately include at least four additional course offerings. For a syllabus in pdf form, click here.

7 December

A Christmas Carol Opens.

The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park's 16th annual production of "A Christmas Carol" opened last night.

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