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Dr. Delaram Kahrobaei is an Associate Professor at the City University of New York. She has a joint appointment at CUNY Graduate Center in the PhD program in Computer science and at City Tech (CUNY) in the Mathematics Department.

She was previously an Assistant Professor in Pure Mathematics at the Mathematical Institute, at Scotlandís prestigious University of St Andrews (2004-2006).


She has done substantial research in Mathematics and computer science both as individual and as a team member and publishes her work in peer reviewed journals and proceedings. Her work is attracting strong international interest and many invited talks. She has been awarded substantial prestigious research grants, including the National Science Foundation, PSC-CUNY, Faculty Fellowship Publication award, London Mathematical Society and Edinburgh Mathematical Society Grants and intends to apply for more grants from government agencies.

She has published in the areas of combinatorial group theory, geometric group theory, computational group theory, combinatorics, logic as well as algebraic cryptography and computational complexity. Delaram is the director of C-LAC, Center for Logic, Algebra and Computation. She enjoys involving students in her research and in the past years she has been a research supervisor to PhD, MSc and undergraduate students.


She is also keen to teach mathematics and computer science at both undergraduate and graduate levels and for the past eleven years she has done so, at CUNY Graduate Center, City Tech, University of St Andrews and Hunter College.


Professor Kahrobaei has a long commitment in advancing career of women in Mathematics and Computer Science. As a result she co-founded with Victoria Gitman the New York Women in Mathematics Network (NYWIMN). The aim of NYWIMN is to promote the participation of women in mathematics by establishing close ties between women mathematicians, encouraging cooperation in research, and supporting the next generation of women students. The second NYWIMN conference, funded by NSF. Here are links to press about this network (in Payvand, Brooklyn Eagle, AMS, News Blaze) She is a co-PI of the Advance-IT-Start NSF Grant. City Tech will research, reflect upon, and plan a transformational initiative for women STEM faculty that will improve the professional climate and enable women to realize their full professional potential unimpeded by either structural barriers posed by the institution or more subtle forms of self-limitation that arise from gender stereotyping and societal expectations.



Kahrobaei has been organizing several conferences, including the ones for American Mathematical Society special sessions (in Newark, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Cornell U.). She is a co-founder of the annual Manhattan Group Theory Day conferences.

She co-founded the New York Algebra Colloquium with Andrew Douglas. Kahrobaei is also running the Mathematical Aspects of Cryptography Student seminars at CUNY Graduate Center. She is a member of the Algebraic Cryptography Center.



She is the member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Open Problems in Computer Science and Mathematics.


In Spring 2011, Professor Kahrobaei is teaching, Aspects of Non-abelian Group Based Cryptography: A new Modern Approach, in the PhD programs in Mathematics and Computer Science at CUNY Graduate Center.


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